Newark, NJ.  Not much has changed for poor and working class black residents since the race riots of 1967. In some respects life has gotten worse. But that doesn’t stop hundreds of black women from making their way to the Dojo, a Pre-K/karate school by day and a male strip joint by night. Every Thursday, twin dancers Tygar and Raw Dawg, founding members of the New Jersey Nasty Boyz, emcee sexy dance performances by hot chocolate guys and lesbian “dom” dancers.  But This One’s For The Ladies isn’t just about strippers. It’s about sisterhood and community, the freedom and fluidity of female sexuality, life under segregation, economic inequity and racial disparity, the enduring strength of family and a determination to persevere in spite of American society’s sustained assault on communities of color. Hilarious, emotional, challenging and thought provoking, This One’s For The Ladies is a real-time history lesson about contemporary black life in America.

SXSW 2018

Director: Gene Graham

Composer: Eliot Krimsky